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Welcome to Saydon Pharmaceutical Industries(Pvt.) Ltd.
Saydon Pakistan has been working for the health and well-being of people in Pakistan since 1996.
Saydon Pharmaceutical is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company and is located at 77/A Hayatabad Industrial Estate, Peshawar in Pakistan. Saydon has facility to manufacture a wide range of pharmaceuticals formulations in Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, drops and Dry Suspensions. The total area of the plot is 2 acres & approximate constructed area is 60,000 Sq. Ft. with central air-conditioning. The building comprises of ground floor and first floor. The Company lay out plan was prepared by the company's technical staff and is in accordance with the requirements laid down by WHO - GMP / Ministry of Health of Pakistan. The ground floor has provisions for the manufacturing of Tablets, capsules, Dry Suspensions, Drops and change room for gents & ladies and stores for raw, finished goods & packing materials.  The first floor has provision for the production of injectables and laboratories for quality control. We are committed to delivering novel medicines to fulfill unmet medical needs of patients. The very purpose of our existence is to work with the nation for a healthier Pakistan and build invigorating, empowered communities. Saydon Pakistan has always remained instrumental in addressing the healthcare challenges faced by the country, meeting them by providing the expertise the company holds in this sector. At Saydon , we provide access to safe, innovative and affordable medicines to millions of Pakistanis. Having a portfolio of medicines that prevent, treat and cure diseases across a range of therapeutic areas allows Saydon to enjoy the reputation of being a leading Pharmaceutical Company in the country.
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Saydon Pharma has a portfolio of premium quality medicines across a variety of therapeutic areas. Every year, millions of people in the country benefit from our Medicines which offer health solutions to both chronic and acute diseases and conditionsPatients and healthcare professionals have always trusted Saydon products for their efficacy and quality.
Overseas business has always been highest priorities of Saydon Pharma Limited. After flourishing and splendid pace in the home, we had extended our marketing network to abroad since 1999. By ensuring the best utilization of knowledge and skill in manufacturing technology Saydon is one of the pioneer pharmaceutical manufacturers...
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We are Saydon Pharmaceutical Ind, a pharmaceutical company committed to helping people improve their health by discovering and developing innovative medicines.

Head Office : 77/A Hayatabad Industrial Estate Peshawar Pakistan.
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