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The plant is equipped with all the necessary facilities required to guarantee exceptional output conditions and follows the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) rules with strict adherence. Since 1996 the plant has complied with Quality Systems according to the ISO 9001: 2000 standards, which ensure operation and product credibility. Furthermore, being manned with the appropriate personnel who undergo regular training, consistency and guarantee high quality productivity.

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We are Saydon Pharmaceutical Ind, a pharmaceutical company committed to helping people improve their health by discovering and developing innovative medicines.

Head Office : 77/A Hayatabad Industrial Estate Peshawar Pakistan.
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  • Separate air treatment systems for the individual clean zones. With such systems, different conditions of cleanliness, humidity, temperature, etc. can be achieved, in accordance to what is required for the specific area.Use of airlocks for the entry and exit of personnel and products to and from the production units, as well as the repeated change of uniforms. 
  • Use of a peripheral corridor by visitors.
  • The application of process and production methodology which can, on the one hand, minimize the exposure of raw material, intermediate and final products to the environment, while on the other, can reduce the probability of human error.
  • Development of quality control systems and methods.
  • Automated and documented production and quality control procedures.
  • Quality Control Laboratories equipped with up to date electronic and computerized instruments.
  • Storage areas with controlled conditions for raw material, packaging material as well as final products.
  • Sampling and weighing areas of high specification booths.
  • Large refrigeration chambers equipped with the most up to date and credible safety systems.
Every year, the production master plan is determined through a sales forecast for each product. Then, the annual production plan is drawn up and, if necessary, it is revised quarterly.
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