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Quality Control
Penetrating in the market and securing handsome share of total business is an achievement but the key challenge comes when the question of successfully sustaining the established business arises, here comes the role of quality control department. Maintaining the quality of manufactured products at per with international standard, ensure their demand in the market and as such observing highest quality control standards are undertaken seriously at Saydon. Quality control department of Saydon is equipped with the most modern analytical instruments complying with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), which conduct the testing in accordance with the applicable pharmacopoeial monographs. At Saydon, certified analysts carry out Raw Packaging material analysis, Finished Product analysis and review the batch documents besides performing environmental monitoring of the plant through Personnel swabs as well as Surface swabs. Microbiological & chemical testing of deionized water and water for injection is done along with monitoring of microbiological quality of process gases. The quality analyst prepare statistical sampling plan for vendor approval and participate in process validation and cleaning validation. Dosage form testing is done in respect of:
Quality Policy

Saydon is committed to serve the ailing humanity by:
  • Manufacturing effective medicines in accordance with GMP.
  • Continuous improvements in human resources, processes and system through team effort and mutual respect.
  • Customer satisfaction and ensuring the on time availability of quality medicines through strong marketing and distribution network.
Quality Assurance

Saydon is committed to improve lives of people by providing quality medicine. Saydon management, through corporate quality assurance, fully supports a formal and continuing program of preview, evaluation and modification of operations at all levels with a view to:
  • Provide products and service of the highest quality.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction, which is fundamental to the business.
The organization recognizes that people are the most important link to achieve the quality goals hence a world class people's process has been put. This has helped to build a quality culture across the company. The above proactive initiatives have culminated to sustainable quality conscious R & D and it has been manifested through approval of Ministry of Health of Pakistan.
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Responsibilities of Quality Assurance Department

  • Full compliance to Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
  • Continuous in-process control & monitoring
  • Equipment, process and utilities validation
  • Vendors auditing and approval (ISO certified)
  • Standard Operating Procedures based on USFDA and EU guidelines.
  • Compliance to ISO 9001 standards.
  • Continuous training and upgrading the knowledge of quality observance.
  • Internal Audit of the plant.
Quality Concept

Saydon Quality Systems are based on most fundamental principles:
  • Manpower
Quality begins with qualified and trained manpower. Saydon employs people with highly technical training and education, full ongoing training and evaluation.
  • Machines
Saydon possess some of the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment found anywhere in the world.
  • Materials
The ingredients that go into our products are manufactured by world's most respected names. These API manufacturers are fully certified by the most strict cGMP standards.
  • Environment
Much of compliance with cGMP depends on an environment that will prevent cross contamination, protect the drug from adverse exposure and protect the people manufacturing the drugs. Saydon has world's best environmental control systems, fully monitored automatically to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.
  • Documentation
Compliance with cGMP requires a massive system of documentation where through SOPs every function of manufacturing from planning to shipping finished product is controlled by strictly laid of procedures. Saydon has in house computerized system to control thousands of documents.

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